• Scenario Development at NUI Galway

    Scenario development at NUI Galway (Ireland) on the module  “Acute Stroke Nursing” which took place on the 31st of May. We were guided by an expert in stroke care – Trish Galvin who is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in our nearby teaching hospital. 

  • Module development at NUI Galway

    Module development at NUI Galway (Ireland) on the module on “acute stroke nursing” which took place on the 31st March

  • Development Meeting in Münster

    We held a development meeting at the FH Münster in Germany from 28th of February 2022 unto 2nd of March 2022. The transnational project meeting resulted in a common agreement on the educational concept and described as an outcome the specific competences to be used in the VR scenario. Based on the prototype more indications on a realistic scenario in nursing setting could be made and decisions on scenario development to show more complexity will be made. Furthermore module structures and the structure of the educators handbook had been established. Besides the thematic exchange we had great opportunity to get to know and better understand each other by spending more valuable time in the evening at dinners and a night watchmen tour through Münster.

    team picture
    testing the prototype
    social dinner
  • Development Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark

    From November 17th – November 19th the partners met in Aarhus in order to work on the details of the first test scenario of the VR simulation in nursing. Due to complications of traveling caused by the COVID-19 situation not all partners were able to join, so the consortium decided to include FH Münster and University of Turku virtually in the work sessions.
    The main focus of the meeting was to combine technical expertise with the expertise in creating educational scenarios in nursing and work out the details of how a typical case of taking care of a patient could look like.
    Together we developed the different ways the learners would interact in the VR scenario and classified the tools and communication channels. Helping each other understand the different fields of expertise of the partners was a big step towards creating the first scenario together.

    The team in Aarhus
  • VireTrain project on the Didactics Themeday at the University of Turku
    We presented our VireTrain project on the Didactics Themeday at the University of Turku.  There was a lot of interest in the VR approach and in using VR scenarios in nursing education even though we could only show the theoretical foundation and the concepts so far. More information can be found here: