It is almost a wrap – Last partnership meeting at VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark

The project is coming to an end and therefore the focal point for this Partnership meeting has been to finalize the project. We have among other things discussed, how the Educators Handbook and the VR scenarios can be downloaded in the easiest way. We have discussed The Final Report, which gave us a trip down memory lane by making us look at the Project application again.

In addition to the academic content, we had also planned a social program, among other things, a walk through the oldest part of Aarhus with an architect. The walk ended at the old Customs House building, which has now been converted into a restaurant called “Madklubben”. Here we had a cozy get-together and a 3-course menu inspired by Aarhus. What a nice way to celebrate our collaboration though-out the 3-year project period

We have also looked ahead to possible future collaborations, which has been very interesting, and I wonder if a new project will emerge from this project or this project group?

2 thoughts on “It is almost a wrap – Last partnership meeting at VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark

  1. Karen Busuttil says:


    I am Karen Busuttil, a registered senior staff nurse based in Intensive Care Malta. I am currently in the process of completing my second year of Masters in Critical Care, offered by the University of Malta. As part fulfilment of the curriculum, we have been assigned a project by which we have to come up with an innovative project which can be implemented to our setting.

    My project of choice is developing a mandatory CPD framework for nurses and health care assistants to improve quality of care, maintain successful competency and improve the overall experience of our patients and community.

    I came across your page and found VR assisted training quite interesting. Hypothetically speaking, if our hospital would be interested in embarking on such simulation strategies, how would one go about to form such partnership ? What is the funding required ? And if it can be adapted to multiple scenarios in order to be used for simulations hospital wide, i.e. different settings.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. Looking forward to collaborate with you.

    Karen Busuttil

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