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The University of Applied Science (FH) has been founded in 1971. It stands for quality culture in all perspectives of university life: process of education, research, transfer and management as well as supportive services. The FH Münster exsists of 12 faculties, 2 interdisciplinary institutions (Technique Transfer and VET) as well as 2 central research facilities.

The Münster Department of Health (MDH) has been found in 1994 and offers 10 degree programs. The health care programs educate in the areas of nursing, management and education. However the main focus of these programs lies on teacher education for vocational education and training of nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists and other health care professionals. Furthermore we are involved in the education of student nurses in the Undergraduate program and we are holding an interprofessional program at Masters in Palliative Care and Psychiatric Care.
Our research fields are VET, entrepreneurship courses, fostering teacher training in terms of simulation of complex situations. Main research topics are (a) Competency-based Education in Europe, (b) digitalization, eLearning and mLearning, (c) Curriculum design and design of learning materials, (d) Technical development in health care, AAL (e) participation and empowerment in changing society.

Prof. Dr. Nadin Dütthorn, PhD (nursing education), works as a professor in the Department of Health Sciences, University of Applied Sciene in Münster. Her research focus on nursing education and its theoretical and empirical approaches, nursing specific competences in Europe, game based learning and scenario based learning. She teaches scenario based learning and learning theories in nursing education.

Dr. Jette Lange M.Ed. is a lecturer for nursing science and vocational education and training (VET) at the FH Münster University of Applied Science. Beside her teaching activity in different nursing and therapy study programs, she also organises international collaboration at the undergraduate, postgraduate and lecturers level. Her research interests belong to the field of Critical Theory in nursing science and the historical and recent development of nursing, predominantly in Germany. Topics of her interests are economisation, computerisation, and digitalisation in nursing, as well as, professionalisation of nursing. Jette’s methodological expertise are in qualitative research using interviews and in discourse analysis.

Luisa Groddeck M.A. is a research assistant at the FH Münster Univsersity of Applied Science, currently operating as an integral member of the German team on the international ViReTrain project. Luisa holds a master’s degree in nursing education and works also at the St. Franziskus Gesundheitsakademie in Münster, where she holds a specific remit for the integration of expatriate nurses into the German medical system. Having previously gained experiences as a general nurse on an interdisciplinary ward, Luisa offers a link between the theoretical and the practical elements of the ViReTrain project, while also striving to refine the pedagogical qualities of the VR scenarios through extensive testing and collaboration with the wider team.


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