Testing and feedback

We have now reached a crucial period in the development of the VR scenario, namely repeated playthroughs and feedback to our software engineer. We have currently sent over 27 pages of feedback on functionality and the visual expression. To get an authentic expression in the scenario, we have had a close collaboration with our clinical advisory board who e.g., has sent us photographs of various medical equipment.

Testing with a colleague

Just the other day we did a playthrough with one of our colleagues who knows very little of VR. We needed her input to see if the functionalities were as intuitive as we thought. She gave us valuable feedback that we incorporated in the feedback to the software engineer (or as we refer to him- our software-ninja). Every time we have been given feedback the software engineer makes the changes in the software and uploads a new version of the scenario.

Ida follows the scenario on the computer while she writes feedback to the software engineer

It is a very interesting to work so closely with a different profession. We have learned a lot about software development and how to communicate complex nursing care in a language that the software engineer also understands.

In July we are on leave, but in august we will be back to test the scenario again before the project period ends in the end of august.

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