Virtual Reality Training for Healthcare Professionals Multipler Launch Event

by Shiobàn Smyth

A multiplier event was held in the University of Limerick, Ireland on the 2nd of March that brought together nurse educators and students that showed an interest in using VR technology for training skills in nursing education. We presented our educational concept/theoretical background, and what learners can learn with the different modules and how other educators can create their own content to work with the sofware. We showcased our trailer and we demonstrated the using of the VR glasses/software. Some of the students and nurse educators got involved wearing the VR glasses and enjoyed the experience. One student commented “Its so cool. I would love to do more of this”

(Dr. Yvonne Finn, Dr. Siobhán Smyth, Prof. Dr. Nadin Dütthorn & Luisa Groddeck at the Multiplier Event at the University of Limerick)

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